Enjoy this content expansion and interface overhaul!

The game already had plenty of content, but a particular side plot was left open-ended to account for planned DLC. The DLC idea has been scrapped and it is now a free update to the game.

Apart from that, the interface has been overhauled. Is it still old school? Yes. But it’s now more responsive and intuitive, consistently legible and easier on the eyes.

Again, a heartfelt thank you to the players who helped to improve it with valuable feedback.

Key points:

  • A new major mid-game sidequest delves into the mystery of the ‘Strange Materials’ and provides more insight into certain factions in the game. About two hours of new content.
  • Tied to this quest is a new character who will take you on a wild trip with unconventional science.
  • Two new locations, one where you get to drive the Rover manually.
  • Two new tracks added to the soundtrack.
  • A new ending and ending states for the existing endings.
  • New research, items and perks.
  • The entire interface has been redone with better contrast, more awareness of overlapping clutter and better usability. It’s still an old-school affair, but it’s a lot easier on the eyes. Also includes mappable hotkeys and a special mode for people who have problems reading yellow text.
  • The point-and-click system is now instantaneous and responsive. The character will move to an interactable location and no longer slow down to settle in.
  • Many optimizations, fixes and updates.