Development Update

After two years of hard work, the game is shaping up nicely. All the core systems are in place and testing will begin soon.


Titan Outpost Chinese Base Mess Hall
 Chinese Base Mess Hall
Titan Outpost : Rutger
Titan Outpost : Rutger
Titan Outpost Hacking Item from Inventory Screen
Hacking Item from Inventory Screen
Titan Outpost Space Elevator
Space Elevator
Titan Outpost Dead Coworker
Mission Control Drama
Titan Outpost Isometric
Titan Outpost Isometric

Development Update, first preliminary gameplay video online.

Hello everyone, here is another update on the game. In the last update, we showed you the first gameplay video.

It’s been a while, but aside from creating content, I’ve done a lot of systems development and gave a few visual elements an overhaul.

At some point I thought I bit off more than I could chew with the base building aspect, but after some relentless coding the game now features a grid-based building system with a fully functional sim-style interface. With the base building system done, the game’s core systems are mostly complete, which means I can devote all my attention to putting in the remaining content.

So let’s talk about the base building and operational aspect of the gameplay.

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Announcing Titan Outpost

We’re proud to announce Titan Outpost, a role-playing game with logistical elements set on Saturn’s sixth moon Titan, scheduled for release in mid to late 2018. Inspired by games such as the original Fallout, Arcanum, Betrayal at Krondor and more recent releases like Age of Decadence, you can expect Titan Outpost to scratch that old-school story-driven itch while delivering something new and stimulating.


Titan Outpost Rover
Methane drone following your rover on Titan.